About Us

Alpina Manufacturing, LLC. Providing high quality, custom sized frames at a great price with exceptional customer service.

Dedicated, caring, highly skilled staff to make your orders.
100,000 sq. ft. facility to handle any size order.

Alpina is creating jobs and keeping dollars in America. We work hard to provide outstanding quality, customer service, and affordable pricing. We are located in our own 100,000 sq. ft. building on 4 acres in Chicago with a dedicated production staff to serve your needs.

We use all-American made frame components and lenses. Our aluminum frames are made with an over 30% recycled content, and are made under environmentally responsible manufacturing processes in the U.S.

Other companies use a lot of imported parts, and due to very relaxed environmental laws in these countries, their manufacturing processes dump a lot of chemicals into the environment that US environmental laws would never allow. Their pollution hurts the oceans, the atmosphere -all the Earth, including North America. So, it’s good to buy from the U.S.

We design, test and build all our products in Chicago. We run a super-efficient operation to give you the best quality at low costs. Our employees are hard-working Americans and our goal is to provide great product at the lowest prices.

We want your business. Help keep America strong and your dollars here !

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